Author(s): Mohammad Sadegh Norouzzadeh, Mohammad Reza Ahmadzadeh, Maziar Palhang

Year: 2012

Pub. Info: Applied Intelligence

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Flowchart of LADPSO algorithm




Optimization plays a critical role in human modern life. Nowadays, optimization is used in many aspects of human modern life including engineering, medicine, agriculture and economy. Due to the growing number of optimization problems and their growing complexity, we need to improve and develop theoretical and practical optimization methods. Stochastic population based optimization algorithms like genetic algorithms and particle swarm optimization are good candidates for solving complex problems efficiently. Particle swarm optimization (PSO) is an optimization algorithm that has received much attention in recent years. PSO is a simple and computationally inexpensive algorithm inspired by the social behavior of bird flocks and fish schools. However, PSO suffers from premature convergence, especially in high dimensional multimodal functions. In this paper, a new method for improving PSO has been introduced. The Proposed method which has been named Light Adaptive Particle Swarm Optimization is a novel method that uses a fuzzy control system to conduct the standard algorithm. The suggested method uses two adjunct operators along with the fuzzy system in order to improve the base algorithm on global optimization problems. Our approach is validated using a number of common complex uni-modal/multi-modal benchmark functions and results have been compared with the results of Standard PSO (SPSO2011) and some other methods. The simulation results demonstrate that results of the proposed approach is promising for improving the standard PSO algorithm on global optimization problems and also improving performance of the algorithm.

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